Vulnerabilty Disclosure Policy

Table of contents

Testing for vulnerabilities

Everyone is welcome to test our products against known or new vulnerabilities. Please conduct to the following guidelines on how to test and what to avoid, before performing your tests and reporting a vulnerability you have found.

How to test

You may test any product against any vulnerability but:

Creating a report

Correct report format

We’d like to encourage you to use the following table-format if you send us a vulnerability report, as this is the easiest way for us to proccess the report, reproduce the vulnerability and start fixing it:

Security Researcher: Your name, Company
Security Researcher URI: e.g.
Security Researcher Mail: e.g.
Security Researcher PGP: optional - Your PGP-fingerprint
Affected service(s): e.g.
Vulnerability: Short description of the vulnerability
Vulnerability URI: optional - If the vulnerability is already published, please provide a link
Steps to reproduce:  
Affected systems: Only if applicable and known - e.g. APACHE, NGINX
Affected OS: Only if applicable and known - e.g. Linux RHEL 7.8, Mac OS 12.0.1
Affected browsers: Only if applicable and known - e.g. Chrome Canary 92.0.4498.0
Date of discovery: 18/12/2021
Additional information:  
Full vunerability description:  

Please send your report PGP-encrypted if possible and only use our security contact credentials found in our security.txt. Learn more on Contact.

If you want to publish the vulnerability

Please tell us if you are planning on publishing the vulnerability you’ve found. You are welcome to make a suggestion as to when the vulnerability should be fixed.

Please allow a minimum of one month after reporting the vulnerability before publishing it and wait for our confirmation of receiving your report.

The disclosure process should follow the Responsible Disclosure procedure.

If you want to receive a bounty

We’re sorry to inform you that we’re currently not abled to offer bountys and that there is no bounty program. If you are interested in a bounty, please tell us anyway in your report, since there are exceptions.


Currently, our security-contact is:

  # Our security address

  # Our OpenPGP key

  Preferred-Languages: en, de

  # Our seurity policy